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Justice Whitener was an outstanding trial judge. She was always prepared, professional, compassionate, and fearless. 

 Kenneth Friedman, Attorney

She is intelligent and passionate about the law and equality. Her life experiences enriches the bench by bringing an understanding and context that is valuable and relatable to so many people in our community.

 Judge Linda Coburn, Edmonds Municipal Court

I think it's important to have representation in the judicial system. Beyond that, I have heard Justice Whitener speak and her story, experience, knowledge and expertise will be an asset to those she serves and the constitution. 

 Barbara Church, Retired teacher & member of the Conversation

Historically, judges serving on state and national Supreme Courts exemplify collegiality, intelligence, modesty, and knowledge of, and respect for the court and law. Whitener not only surpasses these qualities but possesses even more. Her empathy for others and diversified background sets her apart. I have no doubt she will serve the state of Washington in fairness and wisdom, and with sound judgment, intellectual tenacity, and grace while remaining true to herself and the law. She represents and is a reflection of the diversified community she serves. Such embodied leadership is what the state of Washington and our nation needs, especially during these polarizing times. Whitener represents the good of America. She is an inspiration to her students and a model for the Washington State Supreme Court. 

 Dr. Renee K. Harrison, Professor Howard University Law School

Because I care about the State of Washington and the rule of law.

 Judge Timothy Bradshaw (Ret.) King County Superior Court

I have met Justice Whitener several times. We presented together at a CLE a few years ago and we have talked at some judicial trainings. If you talk to her you know that she has a passion for the law and justice. She is also a good listener. She will work hard to do a good job as one of our Supreme Court Justices. 

Judge Melissa A. Hemstreet, Kitsap County Superior Court Judge

I believe that because she has faced the same challenges in her life that many working people do, she has the wisdom to understand the issues we all face today. She has the education and experience to apply the law to cases she hears and the background and values to do so justly.

Carol Dotlich, Retired Public Employees Chapter 12 President

Judge Whitener is thoughtful and intelligent. She listens and her judicial demeanor is exceptional. She is a strong jurist who brings this to the Court. Exceptional person, and wonderful thoughtful and ethical judge.

Jeffrey Robinson, Attorney

We need diversity in our court system, we need voices that represent different perspectives.

Leah Schulz, citizen

Experience in the law and as a judge, has shown superior judicial temperament. 

Kent R. Bratt, Attorney

 Justice Whitener has proven herself as a fair, independent minded jurist who has dedicated herself to access to justice for all. She is such an asset to our State Supreme Court and to all of Washington. 

Judge Rachelle E Anderson, Spokane County Superior Court

I know her. I worked with her. I respect her intellect, character, and integrity. 

Wm. Andrew Myers, Attorney

Justice Whitener embodies everything that the American Dream is about and how to achieve that. She has a totally unique perspective with her own life story and achievements in the face of continuing obstacles placed before her by systemic issues. Justice Whitener will give access to those who have been traditionally denied access. This is a great voice for justice and access to our highest Court. I wholeheartedly endorse her for this position. 

Carlos M. Sosa, Attorney

Fantastic judge! Her hard work, ethics, integrity, fairness to all parties and temperament make her one of our finest jurist

Jonathan F. Stubbs, Attorney

Justice Whitener helps provide the diversity on the bench which we need in Washington! 

 Gordon Naccarato, Pacific Grill

She represents the community with honor, grace and humility. She mentors others with unmatched intellect and caring. She works for the greater good through fair and impartial rulings. 

Tanya Murdock Lewis, Zen Counseling NW

I have known her for many years, when she worked as a defense attorney and a prosecutor. I have tried serious criminal cases before her. She is an intelligent, compassionate, impartial judge who fairly applies the law and treats the litigants with respect. Her rulings are well-reasoned and thoughtful and made with the knowledge that they affect people's real lives.

Barbara Corey, Attorney

Friend, Mentor, Colleague...these are my first thoughts of Justice Whitener. For the past 16 years of my career she's set the bar for public service and extended a hand to help others aspire to meet and achieve the challenge. She sees everyone, listens to everyone, respects everyone and compassionately applies the rule of law. The Citizens deserve such a Justice to remain on the Washington State Supreme Court bench! 

 Sharonda D. Amamilo, Attorney

I respect her work as a Pierce County attorney and as a Pierce County Superior Court Judge. 

Patricia A. Toy, Attorney

Justice Whitener is truly concerned about justice and getting it right. 

Thaddeus Martin, Attorney

Justice Whitener was a skilled, fair, and well-reasoned trial judge and well respected by all who appeared before her, and who knew her on a personal level. She will make an important legacy for Washington State on our Supreme Court.

  Ronald Whitener, Attorney

 I have had several trials in front of her and believe she can make a decision based on the law, without being swayed by political or social pressures. 

Jeffery Whalley, Attorney

I've known Justice Whitener and her social justice work well before she began serving on the bench. I'm confident she will provide an experienced equity lens that will consider our state's diversity.

Arlene Joe, Attorney

One only needs to look to Justice Whitener's commitment, dedication and continuing service to the law and the citizens of Washington State to know that she belongs on the Washington State Supreme Court.

Judge Beverly Grant (Ret.) Pierce County Superior Court

Justice Whitener is incredibly smart, hard-working, and brings a racial justice lens to the Supreme Court among many others qualities. She is a person of great humanity and civility and will bring these personal qualities and more to our court system.

Lisa Brodoff, Seattle University Law Professor

Qualified, ethical.

James Degel, Attorney

 Honest, honorable, person of principles, smart, family oriented, community minded and she loves her people.

 Cherry Ford, Friend

Justice Whitener is a thoughtful, experienced jurist who brings her professional and life experiences to the Supreme Court. She is clearly the most qualified candidate to retain her position as a Supreme Court Justice.

Judge Thomas J Wynne (Ret.) Snohomish County Superior Court

Justice Whitener is a wise, experienced judge who stands for the rule of law, judicial independence, and access to justice for all.

Gail Stone, Community Leader

There are occasions, as Oscar Wilde remarked in "The Importance of Being Earnest," when it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one's mind, it becomes a pleasure. This is one such occasion, as it is a great pleasure to declare my support for this brilliant, thoughtful jurist. Justice Whitener is a critical addition to our Supreme Court because she brings a vision, a voice, and a set of experiences to the high bench that brings us one big step closer to a more perfect system of justice. The history of our Supreme Court is the story of progress, and with Justice Whitener's election progress will shine in Washington.

Justin Olson, Attorney

Her temperament, experience, and legal acumen are well suited for the Supreme Court. 

Judge Matthew York, King County District Court

Judge Whitener is an excellent addition to our State Supreme Court. She is exceptionally well qualified and brings a wealth of experience and personal integrity to the position. 

Judge Linda Portnoy, Presiding Judge for Lake Forest Park Municipal Court

She is most-qualified and doing good work. 

Dennis Higgins, Former Kent City Council Member; King Co. Sexual Assault Center Board of Directors

She will bring fairness and equality at the highest standard of the law. 

Sophia Michaels

Justice Whitener is exceptionally well-qualified to retain her position and attorneys whose opinions I trust have described her as intelligent, compassionate, and impartial jurist.

Mick Woynarwski, Attorney

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